Thursday, May 28, 2009

Of Giants and Gangstas

The Internet is a weird place.

Exhibit A. Image depicting the relative sizes of various giant skeletons.

I found Ex A. doing Google image searches for "fantasy solider burial" and decided to save it to my collection of "Fantasy flavor and inspiration images." Thinking the source site might have other interesting images I decided to check it out.

Exhibt B. Source of image

I expected a RPG site or fantasy site, or maybe even a skeptics site detailing how giantism is limited by lung/heart capacity and bone strength or similar scientific non-sense that is meaningless to someone with pointy ears and that channels arcane forces into bolts of lighting.

I did not and could never of imagined that image came from a gansta rap forum discussing how the Nephilim (<- cool game btw) were giants spawn of satan that got wiped out in Noah's flood. Or something like that, I mostly just looked at the pictures.



  1. Actually, the nephilim were the offspring of human women and "the Sons of God." This probably means angels; not specifically Satan, and there's nothing more than inference to lead one to believe that the angels in question were specifically even fallen angels.

    And I agree, the game is very cool - although a bit intimidating at points, it can yield some very rewarding games with the right players.

  2. The weakest point of the game in the North American / English edition was the removal of all the bilbical references to the Nephilim as the children of either Lilith or Humans with angels. The game is very cool and occult feeling, but the original French edition is much more in touch with the biblical origins of the story.

  3. Hmmmm, I think I'd like the Nephilim less if it were more biblical. Not a huge fan of the Abrahamic myths.

    Sadly I doubt I'll ever get the right group of players for that game. Heck I'm probably not even the right type of GM. Still, it's a great source of ideas/inspiration outside the ordinary pseudo-medieval fantasy.

    Anyone in the Austin Area play Nephilim RPG?


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