Friday, October 16, 2009

Lamp of Recent Sight

Reading about Lamp of Piercing Vision magic item gave me the following brief idea for another magic lamp.

Lamp of Recent Sight

This small brass lamp is shuttered such that it casts a dim thin cone of light 10' wide and 3o' long. A small reservoir holds a hour's worth of oil. The lamp can be lit normally and if done so will function as a normal if weak lamp. But, if the words "Show me." are spoken while holding the unlit lamp it will magically alight and reveal the shimmering indistinct scene as it was 3d12 minutes in the past. The lamp may be panned / moved around always revealing what was occuring X minutes into the past. This will continue until the oil runs out or the phrase "I've seen enough." is spoken by one holding the lamp.

The lamp is engraved with the image of an adventuring party using the lamp to view themselves using the lamp, etc. in an infinite recursion. Below this are the words "And, so it was."


  1. I like the fact that the lamp doesn't use charges or any other game-mechanic process for limiting use. It's also pretty cool that it has instructions written right on it.

    I'd suggest an alternate though: a king on a throne, next to a man wearing a hat and a tiger. On the other side the king is holding the lamp, and the man is a boy and the tiger is a cub.

    Might make them think it has something to do with aging.

    The common command word thing is nice too, although it's hard to keep track of for multiple items with unknown command words unless the item must be wielded to use. So if you put the lamp away, the DM can stop listening for the players to say "show me" until they take it out again.

    In all, nice work.

  2. I agree, something but cool and evoking thoughts slightly creepy about this item.

  3. I like it :)

    But I propose that you use three differently coloured (or otherwise distinct) die twelve. One for minutes, one for days, one for years. The highest one will be the one that shows the scene.

    The player(s) would have to use in-game cues to determine what the time period was, assuming they eventually figured out the parameters.

  4. Awesome! I totally dig it.

    When is someone going to compile all these great magic items of the blogosphere into some kind of handy PDF?

  5. Thanks, credit goes to mthomas768 at RPG Dump for inspiring me.

    @Benedicto are you volunteering?


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