Saturday, November 21, 2009

Diablo II Magic Item Gnerator

Silly thing found by Chgowiz but none the less produced some interesting names that lead to the following.

Howling Maul - The ends of this giant maul are carved faces that "howl" as the maul is swung in battle.

Garnet Plate Boots - Have similar properties/effects as ruby red slippers. But, manly sized.

Stalking Gauntlets - They wearer of these hard leather gloves will be able to unerringly track the last person/creature struck across the face dueling challenge style with one of these gauntlets.

Halberd of the Sentinel - One holding this polearm will remain alert and never tire. They gain no benefits of rest however and as soon as halberd is let go they will suffer the accumulated effects of sleep/rest deprivation.

Weirdling Pike - The shaft of this pike bends, warps and twists through the air. Striking around shields, obstacles, attempts to parry, and corners.

Shield of the Colossus - Once per day when this 5' tall tower shield is planted in the ground and the word engraved on its face, "thermopylae", is spoken this metal shield will extend left and right upto 20' each direction until it makes contact and merges with a fixed surface (wall, tree, cliff face, etc.). Unless both sides so connect the shield will "retract". Otherwise the shield "wall" remains until the wielder is slain.

Amulet of Excellence - +1 to every roll.

Battle Axe of Simplicity - This large ax is great at chopping things. It is also cursed such that the owner will consider "chopping things" to be the simple solution to all problems.

Elixir of Fire - This liquid catches fire and burns intensely when exposed to air. If the container is thrown and shatters the resulting explosion will match the force of a fireball. If poured onto ground it will create sheets of fire similar to Wall of Fire. Other uses are left to creative players.

More generated names (and a couple I thought of in between) for which nothing particularly interesting came to mind. I'll store them away for now, unless you have an idea for one of them?

Prismatic Ring of the Mind
Drake's Leather Armor of Weakness
Studded Leather Armor of the Vulture
Silver Spear of the Vulture
Indigo Herb
Russet Herb
Crossbow of Pain
Scepter of Slaughter
Raven's Flail
Amber Kris of Unity
Book of Shivers
Amulet of Defiance
Helm of the Lion
Oil of Immunity
Ivory Bracers of Tears
Swift Blade
Lord's Long Staff
Glass Blade of the Cat
Meteoric Halberd
Gold Flag
Platinum Long Sword of Perfection
Bountiful Scepter of Wizardry
Whirling Halberd of Hate
Bored Sword


  1. The Bored Sword: This weapon is an ancient and rune engraved sword, crackling with ancient and arcane power, having existed since before the races of the world had names. In addition to its high magical bonus, the sword grants its wielder a portion of the experiences of its past owners in combat, making the bearer not only fight at least as well a minimum X level fighter, but also be so bored with the whole concept of fighting that in addition to the odd yawn, the wielder gains no experience in combat.

  2. Drake's Leather Armor of Weakness: Consisting of a pair of leather pants, this magical armor causes susceptible bystanders to downplay the flaws of even the most black-hearted villain, causing them to view the wearer in a positive light, regardless of past and present misdeeds. Those that are not susceptible, however, will regard the wearer of the pants as nothing but a pitiable annoyance.

  3. Nice ones!

    @zzarchov yeah, that's great. Just type of thing I was thinking but couldn't get out. I also thought about Board Sword which looks like a kids toy wood sword but ...

    @Maroon excellent application of "weakness"! I've succumbed to the "tight" version of these leather pants.

  4. Nice! I really like this. I like to use unique magic items in my game just to nerf the inherent meta-gaming found in my group. Scepter of Slaughter, great names for some cool stuff.



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