Saturday, March 20, 2010

100% Behind Everything You Just Said

It seems stupid of me to highlight a post on Grognarida, (cause seriously, who reads my blog and not that one?) But, I couldn't help my self this time. First, there are a lot of voices "on the other side" of how I'd like things to be.  I feel it's important to speak up and let be known there's opposition/different way.  Second, unlike most issues I agree totally with James points and his arguments for them.  And, as is typical, he said it more eloquently than I could.


  1. For what it's worth, I followed the link from here to James' post. ;-)

  2. So, speaking only for myself, I'd be perfectly happy if the old school renaissance didn't attract legions of new players, if doing so means diluting the things I value most about it. History has already shown us what happens when a company makes that particular deal with the Devil. Why would we want to make that same mistake now?"

    I understand Chevski's sentiments. I have little fear that history will repeat itself: the OGL has seemingly provided that level of assurance.


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