Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bucket Load of Chimera

scares the hell out of me
With luck it's gonna scare the hell out of my players too.  Find many ready made chimera(aka animal-morphs, aka people with photoshop+too much time) at humandescent.  Thanks to Timeshadows for the link.  And Telecanter's Receding Rules for reinforcing my loathing/fear of horses.

Below, some delightful dogbirds. I think the Horillas are my favorite. 


  1. I may be stating the obvious, but www.worth1000.com also has loads of chimera galleries.

    Dogbirds seem strangely...right.

  2. That horse thing is freaking me out.

  3. I love the horse: The player are so running into that one.

  4. Wow. I've seen a couple of these on other blogs but didn't know where they came from until now. Gonna have to check this out as I am building chimerae for Lorshal and Company...

  5. @Chris thanks for the link

    @Christian you and me both.

    @snorky Feel guilty I am responsible to subjectiong more innocents to that horse

    @NetherWerks cool

  6. @Chris

    Problem with Worth1000.com is that it's all so competitive. People not doing it because they enjoy it rather to compete and gain points - sad really :(



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