Tuesday, March 30, 2010

OD&D $1500 and reserve still not met!

In my experience auctions double or triple in last day (for contested/sought after items that is).  Man, get over your materialism and just download S&W.


  1. My favorite part for these sort of auctions is that they then add on shipping.

  2. The sick thing is that whomever buys it will likely never play.

  3. A nice piece of RPG history but I'll DL a PDF anyday and still get that warm and fuzzy feeling.

  4. LOL I can just as easily print booklet pdfs with cardstock covers and make a nice box by covering it with woodgrain wallpaper and printing the box picture on a large label sheet... all for under 5 bucks.....

    And I can play with it !

    What was that old saying about a fool and his money ?

  5. Ah man, it's still at $1500! I hope we didn't dampen peoples obsessive consumption!


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