Friday, June 4, 2010

Giving the Gift of Old-School

My gamer budy found RPGs late in life.  Not playing any until adult hood.  He's on a bit of a quest to make up for lost time and explore what he missed.  So, for his belated birthday gift I got him a bit of old old-school and new old-school. 

Collectors set of D&D Endless Quest books


  1. I applaud your choices. Those Endless Quest books kept me quite entertained in my younger days and I still use a few of the tricks I learned from them in my games.

    That other book's O.K. too, I guess.

  2. I still have my endless quest books on my bookshelf!

  3. Ah Endless Quest books. They were my gateway drug into the hobby.

  4. Yup, it was a great gift. I'm already through the first of the books. Growing up in a small town in the buckle of the bible belt, meant I was starved for role-playing goodness. These and other books like them were all I had to scratch that itch for a long time.

    The Dungeon Alphabet's also a blast! Great art, and the random tables are a hoot.

  5. My bad memory and long delay in shipping meant presents were already month late. Still, it was hard not to delay them a little longer so I could "play through" those books.

    Glad you're diggin the gifts Flip.

  6. Dito Michael Curtis. Norm please buy the rest of the set. I'll come over and paint your figs, while you read em out loud. Take a shot after each death...not. lol


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