Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cheap Mini's

Roleplaying Tips Blog had a recent post "Where can I find cheap minis online?" which is worth checking out.

I love my cheap plastic toy frog and spider minis more than any "official" mini's I've seen.  I've had success finding various animals and "giants" looking through bags of kids toys at thrift shops.  I want to save money for special mini's like this one:

Slug Eat Your Face

Were do y'all find minis?


  1. We got ours from our local comic book shop since we were stupid noobs. Then we found a pretty decent site but I just can't remember the URL

  2. Me? My new thing's gonna be GIMP + Inkscape + a printer.

  3. I pick up commons off of EBay. The rates are reasonable, I think.


    PS: What ze said.

  4. Michael's (the craft store) in my area now has a bin of rubber toys, including several colors of pretty classic D&D dragons in a scale that actually works with minis. They're still about $10 each, so not absolutely cheap, but for a finished colored mini that still beats a metal dragon mini.

    I also watch the wargame and board game sections of stores - there's a $10 pack of plastic glow in the dark zombies that's an expansion for some game, and some board and mini games are worth it if they're marked down. I got "Final Days" after it was marked down for not selling just for the minis in it - and, looking just now to get the name right, I see it's marked down to $25 on kenzerco's website, which is not too bad for a box of 25 metal minis if they're ones you'd use.

  5. I picked up a bag of Gladiator Miniatures' Renaissance Spanish last week at the consignment section of my favorite game store. There are hundreds of minis in the bag and they fit with my Imajapoor setting for T&T.
    20mm plastics are another way to go, Caesar minis has a nice line of fantasy minis.

  6. Not that I am going to use them anytime soon, but I have picked up 4 or 5 packs of mage knight: sorcery 4 packs, for $2 a piece at a local Buck or Two store.

  7. Awesome slug mini made even more so when I red Tom's blog to find that it was imagineered by his 6 year old son Theo

    Full concept explained at:


  8. I bought the bag o zombies, bag o zombie dogs and the bag o skeletons. They give ALOT of mini support.

  9. Thanks for all the suggestions guys!

    I have bunch of MageKnights (from cheap ebay "lot sales") and quite a few D&D mini's. My problem is modern "25mm" mini's are totally not realistically proportioned and are closer to 28mm. So, it looks weird when you mix them with the cheap 1/72nd plastic mini's.

    My price point is $.10-.15 mini which was easy to eBay MageKnight for but D&D mini's don't seem to go much below $.50 even for commons.. (btw MK are mostly really low quality sculpts/paint jobs, I use the ones I have but wouldn't buy any more)

    Yeah, that's also how I was introduced to Slug Eat Your Face. I'm glad you followed up the link. I love everything about "How do you know it's crazy?" "One of its eyes is bigger than the other."

  10. Norman, at my blog, I post about finding some cheap mini-like figs at the Dollar Store, Big Lots, and the Party Store. Try the mini tag and see if those are anything you might like. :)


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