Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blogroll Additions

Blogger fixed the "I can't fracking add to my blog roll" issue.  So, I've been busy...

Link and why  Need more spacey awesomness in my life.  Duh, dinosaurs. History of Dice and Balthazar but mostly the S.I. (unexpected). Have a weakness for alphabets.  Recommended by Henchman Abuse with promises of random tables. Short posts, full of awesome. Pants. Tables. Despite the horrid to read yellow on red, pics of monsters who want to eat me.  This quote "I'm not saying new-wave rpgs are shit: I'm saying any new-waved mod of D&D would be shit. Remember 2e? That was shit. A shitload of fucking shit." Awesome English civil war fantasy setting.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out Dave! I've been following your DCC posts with great interest.

  2. LOL! Sorry Norm--where the hell did I get DAVE from?

    I bet I skimmed that Hargrave quote in the upper right corner. Shoulda' taken a closer look at that, lest I think you a zombie.

    My apologies. :)


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