Friday, December 24, 2010

AD&D 2nd Edition Trivia Game

I didn't know this existed until I put a eBay bid on it.  I won and it arrived a couple days ago.  Early present for me, yay!

Even though 2nd ed is my least played and least favorite edition of all, I'm still pretty stoked.  has some tokens, neat (if you like 2nd ed era art, I do) player cards and oh I don't know 1 box (500?) trivia cards plist into 5 levels.

3rd Level Card

Dragon and Dungeon Magazine Insert


  1. Rad! Is the answer green slime?

  2. I remember this game! I played it a few times with a store copy. The rule lawyers of my group were drawn to it like honey!

  3. I had this and it was fun actually.

  4. Some of us have been playing this game for while over at Dungeonmum's Blog.

    I think most of the participants are more 1E than 2E, but we always have good fun with the questions, even the ones that are highly contentious!

  5. @ Biopunk - your answers are always the best, whether right or wrong. Just rustling up tonight's question.


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