Sunday, December 3, 2017

You awaken on the tween deck of a prison ship, reddit/DnD repost

D&D can be introduced to anyone. It will not be everyone's cup of tea. But, don't make the mistake of prejudging who will or will not. Give everyone the opportunity to be enchanted.

Monday, November 6, 2017

My D&D Philosophy

[But first a little aside as to what's going on since it's been a little over a year since last post. Gotta admit I got more interested in playing games than in writing about them. When I blog, I kind of feel oblogated to post regular like. And while I didn't run out of things to say. I did run out of enough things I felt were **worth** saying.  Esp. things that every other blogger wasn't already saying. But I haven't read any other blogs in a while so, ...]

Potential player recently asked me "What my philosophy of D&D was?"

My grumpy old grognard immediate thought as to a response was "To play! Not twaddle on about philosophy." But, I de-curmudgeoned, remembering there are many play styles (more than one of which I enjoy) and this poor soul was trying to get a sense if our presumptions were congruent before spending a Saturday evening playing make believe with our gang.

Wanting to still be vague and open to later DM interpretation while providing some sort of guidance I well reasoned (i.e. first thing that came to mind that didn't suck) was

"Roll the dice, the rest will sort it self out."

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