Wednesday, August 17, 2011

South Texas Mini-Con August 20

[Ripped announcement this straight from Kutalik's Hill Canton's Blog.  I plan to be there maybe not at 9am!  Also, maybe run a game in the afternoon.]

The details are a little more firmed up for our August 20 day-long old school mini-con in New Braunfels, TX. The Con starts at 9am and runs to 8pm. Admission is free, free, free (donations welcome), just leave us a note here on the blog or drop me a line at kutalik at gmail dot com to save yourself a seat.

Site details can be found here. We are in breakout room 105 which is on the righthand side of the convention center.

Below is the tentative schedule. We are still willing to entertain proposals for one or two more games if you want to run a game. 

Morning: 9-12:15
Starfleet Wars (Mack H.)
open gaming

Afternoon: 12:45-4
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, First Edition  (Brad E.)
When the Navy Walked  (Don M) 
Red Sand Blue Sky (Ed/Two Hour Wargames)
open gaming

Evening: 4:30-7:45
Empire of the Petal Throne, Jakallan Underworld (Yours Truly)
Surprise Special Guest Session
open gaming

Monday, August 15, 2011

Modules I Want to Run Before I Roll my Last d20

Got the idea for this list from John Four of

Limiting this to published D&Dish modules of the non- darksun/dragonlance/spelljammer/hollowworld/etc  variety.  In a not too particular order:

  • B2 Caves of Chaos [done many times to great success]
  • T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil [doing this right now, haven't got to the temple yet though]
  • G1-3 Against the Giants [having looked over this (and decided to start T1-4 instead I'd rather do a Against the Giants flavored adventure(s) of my own creation.  It just seems a little too "archaic"/bad old school, I don't like Q1, and not supper excited bout D1-2 at least as follow on's to G1-3.  Drow bore me.]
  • S3 [oh hell yes]
  • Caverns of Thracia [old Judges Guild or new Necromancer's]
  • Tengel Mannor [old Judges Guild]
  • Hellpits of Nightfang [old Judges Guild]
  • EX1 EX2 Dungeoland [these fascinated me when I first got them as a kid]
  • UK2 Sentinel & UK3 Guantlet [ran parts of 1st one in larger campaign (players did not pick up glove and campaign went different direction)]
  • I3-5 Desert Desolation [never looked at it, heard it was good]
  • U1,U2,U3  [I did run sinister secret when young, vaguely want to do the series now that I actually know something about DMing]
  • X1 Isle of Dread
  • X2 Castle Amber
  • JG1 Thieves of Fortress Badbbaskor [Goodman's]
  • JG2 Citadel of Fire  [Goodman's]
  • JG3 Dark Tower  [Goodman's]
  • Ptolus [or Freeport, or Vornheim] some mega city.
  • Stonehell Megadungeon
  • Bottle City
  • The Keep [Role Aides Fantasy vs Nazis!]
  • City of Brass [I don't think any published ones can (or do) live up to what DMG cover made me imagine.  So I'll proly have to roll my own...]
  • Gygax's Necropolis
  • The "mega" dungeon from Fight On!  
  • Anything from Gabor Lux's Fomalaut!  
  • Butt loads of 1page dungeons

Special mention:  OA, Oriental Adventures some or all (haven't looked at more than a couple (mad monkey and haunted castle one)

I know almost nothing about the AD&D H, I, R, and parts of the UK series not mentioned above.  Nor about D&D B, X series beyond the B2 & X1 that came with my boxsets back in the day.  Any recommendations of must play modules from them?

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