Tuesday, November 26, 2013

BRUTAL 4ed Released

Big Bad Ball Busting Bloody Battles 

BRUTAL is fast, furious, and fun. I put it halfway between RPG and Miniatures Skirmish game. I met the author and played in one of his games at (I think) Dundracon many years ago (BRUTAL is 15 years old).

"Hordes of Heart-Pounding, Heavy-Hitting, Hack-and-Slash action adventure await! This game is not for sissy players who don't want their characters to die."

Now available as free PDF  http://www.BrutalRPG.com

"BRUTAL is a fantasy/horror tabletop war-game/role-playing-game. It uses a pile of 6-sided dice. Your characters use XP to improve their ability ratings to roll more dice. Opposng dice rolls are added up. If the attacker rolls higher than damage is found as the difference. Combat is fast and bloody, with many things all happening at once. Characters often die. Do you have the guts to play? How long can you keep your characters alive?"

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