Thursday, January 16, 2020

Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy PDF Sale Today

Not affiliated, etc. Just selfishly want the world to play the version of D&D I like so I have more people to play with :)

There is also free Basic OSE Rules if you want to check out before you put cash out.

B/X Essentials (the previous to Old-school Essentials) is by far my favorite B/X rule set. I wish the softbound printed booklets were still available.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Celebrate the Birth of D&D, January 26th

Celebrate the Birth of D&D

On January 26th 1974 (or thereabouts) the first rule books for D&D were published for sale. Come celebrate and rediscover the original edition of the game with experienced referees from the local area.

Several referees will be available to run games, using the original rules, house ruled or not, OD&D, AD&D, B/X, BECMI, or their retro equivalent.

No materials are needed. Pencils, paper and dice are optional. Characters will be rolled at the table or provided.

Currently scheduled referees:
  • Steven Clark (and the event organizer)
  • Jimm Johnson
  • Tres Churchill
  • Lawson Benett
  • Norman Harman (me)
  • Kevin Searle
  • Nathan Jennings
  • Anthony Huso

More information and to register interest (as a player or referee) visit the Austin D&D and Tabletop Meetup page.

[While googling for the above LBB image I found this blog, Why OD&D is my (sometimes) favorite RPG. Which, hey, I wrote! Rereading it, other than cringing at my writing style/voice, I get the same craving for hunk of open fire roasted meat. Although now, B/X is my system of choice to satiate that hunger. It sharpened my understanding of what I enjoy in this style of game. Quoting from the designer notes of my Wilderlands Campaign Book;
I really enjoy how B/X leans more towards “a game” than towards “story time” or towards “tactical battle simulator”. Players move their game piece around a “board”. Rather than being their game piece. A subtle distinction. Backgrounds, goals, character growth are emergent rather than preconceived and related. B/X is play over narration.
B/X is built to be a game of exploration and acquisition of mechanical power (levels, items, gold). Which is what I often want. When I don't I use some other rules. They all have a place.]

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Gallery of White Dwarf Magazine Covers

Unlike Dragon Magazine I was never aware of White Dwarf magazine, nor Games Workshop. Which is too bad as being exposed to early Warhammer RPG would have greatly shortened my journey to grim and perilous, gritty, grim dark RPGs. I had an WH40K dwarf army I never painted. My wallet thanks me for not liking miniature wargames.

Those first six covers, those are rad! I know they couldn't stick with them. Old, dated looking monochrome comes off as cheap, fanzine. And I'm sure very few contemporaries dug them. Such is the nature of nostalgia.

Gallery of White Dwarf Magazine Covers Issues 1-90.


And if you missed it, Gallery of Dragon Magazine Covers #1 to #250

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