Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pixies Should Have d12 Hit Dice

or d6+6. Some high number of hit points.

Pixie being a Player Character version of some 6-8 inch tall thing with wings that flits about annoyingly.

Pixie characters typically get low hit points and large AC bonus. But that produces a sharp cut off. If you can hit them they go splat. If you can't hit them, they're safe until your lucky roll then go splat. I like keeping AC a class of armor and not mucking it up with Dex/Dodge. Seeing as hit points represent luck, fate, fatigue, and ability to not get hit I totally can imagine the flying pixie dodging and darting this way and that as having high hit points and normal naked AC.

A conceptual leap, perhaps one you should not attempt while playing D&D. But, it came to mind chasing my dog around the house and was curious what others thought.

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