Wednesday, December 5, 2018

3rd Party Plugs Wednesdays

Couple of things that came to my attention recently that are RPG related.

The Fantasy Network free-to-watch streaming video service "deliver creator-owned genre television and film content... It is accessible online at and via IPTV apps on iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire, and Chrome TV.  Things like "The Gamers" series which is really excellent btw. 

"... also features a special channel dedicated to original digital programming from Gen Con, the largest hobby gaming convention in the United States."

The full details from their Press Release.

I learned about this OSR Survey put together by "Brendan S and Ben Milton are two hobbyists with a long history of participating in discussion related to the OSR and classic DnD." from Bat in the Attic.  I was my typical cynical self. After taking it, it's not gonna change the world or anything. But, it seemed like useful to know, good for discussion questions around "OSR" the term, the legend!

Take the survey your self ->  OSR Survey.

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