Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Austin's Central Texas Mini-Con July 31st & Aug 21st

Central Texas Mini-Con
July 31st and Aug 21st
11am - 10pm
Scholz Beer Garden
Austin Texas

Ah yeah!  Fresh on the heels of the NTRPGCon the Austin Old School(ish) community and friends (i.e Alex mostly) is organizing an Austin RPG Mini Con.  Two days of gaming goodness.  Spreading them out one in July and one in Aug so everyone has a chance to come.  The original Dragon's Foot discussion.

The official discussion forum and registration site are hosted by Doug Rhea, manager of NTRPG Con. Make sure you register so organizers get a count of attendees! Registration is free! It's a two step process. First you must register with the site to use it. Second you must register on the site for the date or dates that you plan to attend. Attendance on both dates is permitted (and encouraged!).

Register for the Central Texas Mini-Con at the NTRPGCon Website

I've registered and volunteered to run games for both dates.  Gonna break out the B2 Caves of Chaos Marathon for July 31st and thinking something Gold & Gloryish for Aug.  But if more people don't attend I'll be happily hacking it as a player. 

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