Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jeff Dee, Recreating His Lost TSR Art

Jeff Dee has kickstarter project to recreate all of his TSR art starting with Egyptian Mythos from Deities  & Demigods.

Kick ass!

I'm trying to contribute at the sweet "get all 13 signed prints" level of $200 but Amazon Payments is being troublesome.

Check out this original / recreation of Elric. Right side being sweet example of the new recreations Jeff Dee aims to make.


  1. does anyone else think the original is WAAAAAY better !!!????

  2. Yep. I thought the exact same thing this morning when I saw it. I mean, don't get me wrong: the new one is still kickass; but the old one just looks perfect to me. Probably because I grew up staring at those sweet drawings of his. It really sucks that the dorks at TSR (or whatever at the time) threw the originals out. Morons.

  3. Can he actually sell new versions with out infringing on WOTC's copyright? Or has he licensed his own work back from them to draw his stuff over?

  4. @anon
    Peoples tastes vary, the originals are fab. But, I really like the detail and sharpness of the recreation.

    New drawings are different works. Maybe recreations like this would be classified as derivative works depending on who had the better payed lawyers. Also, I would not be surprised if Dee retained copyright and TSR only bought a (broad)license to publish.

    I finally pinned Amazon to the mat and my payment went through. w00t loops! I dig egyptian mythos and deities&demigods is some of my favorite Dee art. Pluse Isis' and Bast's bare boobies!!!

  5. In answer to the question about copyright: Wizards of the Coast has very graciously given me permission to re-create these drawings, and to sell prints of the re-creations.
    -Jeff Dee

  6. I can never think of Elric again without those droopy looking boots. Too cool!


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