Friday, March 2, 2012

Gold & Glory Player Handbook

[Edited to point at new version Sept 2012]

Not meant to be complete game.  These are the house rules, mostly character classes,, I'm using for Gold and Glory campaign.  Constantly evolving.   Lately they've been moving from Labyrinth Lord towards Swords & Wizardry.  Single saving throw being latest.

See also G&G DM Charts and other Gold and Glory Posts and the Austin, TX Gold and Glory Science Fantasy D&D campaign using these rules.


  1. This was awesome. It's got a lot of stuff--such that I'm not sure how simple or old-school it is anymore, but its a great read. Thanks for this! I love the Ethos especially. Much better than simple Law/Neutral/Chaos or the nine point AD&D system. This is very magic the gathering instead.

  2. Yeah, I've stripped tons out of it and it's still "too-much". Most complexity is optional (character classes, birthsigns) or only for DM (me). Learn as you go.

    It's lending itself fairly well to after work campaign with people with various or no RPG backgrounds.

  3. It looks interesting and useful, rules-wise. However, Could you make a printing copy available without the page backgrounds.

  4. Thanks for posting this, it was an interesting read. Tons of options for characters! I hope they appreciate it. ;)

  5. Posted updated version, with art, but lacking background "watermark" image for printing greatness.


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