Monday, February 20, 2012

Gold & Glory DM Charts

These are the charts (in a thin 3 ring binder) I have front and center at the table when running Gold and Glory.  Most recently for coworkers Weds after work.  It's a compilation of stuff from all over.  It's concise, mostly charts and reminders for me.  Most of what I need during combat is all on two facing pages.  Same for exploration.  It's very custom, for me, for this G&G campaign.  I post it mostly as an example and to get people to talk about their "at the table" resources.

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  1. Those are very cool charts! I always hand-make DM charts for my games. That way, you can use what you want. After all, not everyone wants 2 pages taken up by Assassin charts and Psionics. :)


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