Monday, February 21, 2011

Labyrinth Lord GnG at Dragon's Lair Austin

The 4th session of Gold and Glory my Labyrinth Lord D&D campaign will be held at Dragon's Lair Austin FLGS this coming Sunday Feb. 27 from 1pm - 6pm.

New and existing players welcome.  Gold and Glory is specifically designed for episodic play.  Players can attend whenever they have time and go on an "adventure" with who ever else is able to make that day.  Instead of being locked into the same party/characters.  Or risk missing out on key plot element.  Every session is "come as you are" and hopefully leave alive and wealthier.

But, players should be sure and reap the spoils of their efforts or others will.  As witnessed in the 2nd and 3rd GnG sessions.  Where the 2nd session witnessed slaughter of many NPC's at the paws of "Winter", infamous giant wolverine, and mostly ran away.  Then in 3rd session a totally different group of players had easy time cleaning up the few survivors.  Gathered up the loot, all the equipment thus receiving a huge haul in XP and GP for very little effort.

If you're planning on going, please RSVP on the Austin D&D Meetup website. Since it's Dragon's Lair, we only have a table for 8, and I wouldn't want people to come, only to find out there isn't enough room.

Austin D&D Meetup Announcement fro this Sunday's foray.

The Kingdom is prosperous, peaceful, and BORING. When King Osric "The Reasonably Just" decreed the wild and dangerous Eastern Frontier open to exploration, none abandoned their fat and easy lives to risk almost certain doom. But when King Osric aka "The Relatively Generous" further decreed that there would be no taxes, tariffs, excises, or royal shares levied on treasure recovered from the Eastern Frontier a few desperate adventurers took notice and headed East. Those few that didn't come to their senses and turn back found themselves in the newly established Barony of Brink, last outpost of civilization and gateway to the Eastern Frontier.
Tomb robbers, out of work mercenaries, professional scoundrels, holy men looking to save or be saved, seekers of forbidden knowledge, naive farm boys with dreams of glory, assorted ne'er-do-wells, and foreigners from near and far all congregate at the Goat & Wizard Inn. Drinking the last of their coin, eyeing the competition, chasing up rumors and bar wenches. Eventually, a motley party of assorted characters gathers round a large table to plan their first foray in search of Gold and Glory. 
Are you brave or foolish enough to explore the Eastern Frontier in search of gold and glory? More to the point are you strong enough to survive its perils and return body, mind, and soul intact? 
Adventure beckons, will you answer the call?


  1. I'm as a dog, and really upset that I had to miss this one. Hopefully you'll do another one soon so I can get in on the action.

    Jim D.

  2. I had intended to come, but I was sick today and needed to rest (and it totally slipped my mind as well). How was the turnout?

    I'd really like to make one of your games in the future.

  3. Really wish I could do this one, Norm, but will be camping.


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