Friday, October 28, 2011

Three Minute Magic Items

Roleplaying Tips Weekly newsltter/blog posted great article  Here are a few items I just created.  The best advice I can give is use a crazy random name generator (several are linked in above article).  At least for me it spurs the imagination and leads to things I wouldn't have come up with otherwise.

Bloodstained Maul

Appearance - Large, two-handed, iron shod oak maul. Wood is weathered, gouged, and bloodstained. Iron shows rust where it's not caked with blood.

Benefit - On critical hit or killing blow the target's blood seeps into wood and down shaft along now visible pulsating veins.  Invigorating wielder with healing or bonus hit points.

Drawback - Automatically contract any disease, lycanthropy, etc target had.
Lore - Prior to the Battle of the Mounds a lone Barbarian prayed for victory, his god responded with this maul.

Twist - Over time, develop insatiable thirst for blood.

Illuminated Medallion

Appearance - 4" circular gold medallion, inner recessed surface covered in intricate cloisonné

Benefit - 1/day after 1min concentration the cloisonné will alter to depict current view of known or nearby area e.g "other side of this door"

Drawback - There is 1 in 20 chance of user becoming trapped within cloisonne picture.

Lore - Created for Czarina Aneska who worried excessively over and wanted to keep eye on here many children.

Twist - When user becomes entrapped, previous victim is released.

Device of Lighting
Appearance - 2' dia copper/silver Tesla coil on 4' rosewood pedestal and stable iron base.  Thick, stiff 15' cable attaches pedestal with matching 2' rosewood box.  Attached to side of box is large hand crank.  On top of it is large metal contact blade switch.

Benefit - After one round of cranking electricity crackles around the coil.  After the second or any subsequent round of cranking the switch may be thrown releasing a Xd6 bolt of lighting where X is the square of the # rounds cranked. 2rnds 4d6, 3rnds 9d6, 6rnds 36d6.  Bolts may fork to multiple targets, e.g. a 9d6 bolt may fork to 4 targets doing 2d6, 2d6, 2d6, 3d6 to them.  Max range is unknown definitely further than the 15' cable.

Drawback - Big, clumsy.  Overloads, friendly fire, rain, water/damp ground.

Lore - Bennie Frankinbottom, the infamous Gnome tinker is blamed for inventing this device.  It is said to be the primary cause of Sultan Al-Dinsur's defeat at Bugbear Grove whose army was operating the device.

Twist - Those in full metal armor with helmets are insulated from damage (bolts pass harmlessly to ground)

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