Sunday, December 25, 2011

What to Buy Yourself on Xmas day

Today Dec 25th only Lulu is offering 30% discount coupon code 25DEC.  These are some items "off the beaten path" that you should take opportunity to acquire with this discount.  I've bought (the paperbacks) and recommend all the following. (prices sans discount)

Engines & Empire $9.99 - Intriguing mixture of Victorian, fantasty, steampunk based on D&D Rules Compendium).  Interesting rules to lift and use elsewhere. (Free PDF)

Backswords & Bucklers $7.74 - S&W Whitebox based Elizabethan fantasy adventure. Inspired by works such as Michael Moorcock’s Gloriana and Sir Walter Scott’s Kennilworth.  Neat!  (Free PDF)

Oubliette 1-4 Compilation $12,37 - 148 pages of Labyrinth Lord goodness.

And of course the latest Fight On! #13 and Knockspell #6.

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