Saturday, August 25, 2012

FLGS vs Kickstarter

There is (or was) a meme? to support local game stores. Maybe this is totally gone now that a generation has grown up not knowing a time before amazon, ebay, et al.

But, I'm old and still have that twinge.  And I (believe) I'm pretty supportive of local gaming and Friendly Local Game Shops.

I started Austin's RPG Meetup, current $funder and organizer of Austin's D&D Meetup.  There and elsewhere I promote FLGS.  I run games (campaigns, demos, newbie one-shots) at FLGS.  I created google map of FLGS. I spam everywhere about South/Central TX game conventions.  I buy something (OSR related if it's been on the shelves a couple months) almost every time I enter a game store.  Which gets hard (to find something interesting) when you game at one every other week.

But, esp with more "indie" games that many FLGS don't believe are profitable to carry is Kickstarter the new FLGS?  Why not "cut out the middle men"?  I remain "active" in the local game community but lately a lot of my money has gone this way


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