Monday, April 21, 2014

My DCC Characters

Every other Tues at Whose Turn is it Games in Austin, TX I transform into the Elf warrior wizard, "Malifoi the Chaotic". That is, I did until he got turned to stone last session. Although I'm sure one day he'll be returned to flesh and continue his rise to power, fall into corruption.

Malifoi the Chaotic

Tomorrow, I'll be breaking the new funnel of death survivor and backup character "Gary".  A former Game Designer who is now A Witness to the Great Eagle. Gary, along with a vice cop (dead), disco dave (alive), auto-factory worker (dead) arrived on a bus from 1970's Lake Geneva, WI. Other survivors include a former lifeguard "Chester the Crimson Conjurer", a history teacher who styles himself "The Professor" another wizard.

Gary, Witness to the Great Eagle

My first character, "Bubba Two-step" turned out to be a thief. After a couple sessions decided I wanted to sling spells and so put him out to pasture.

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