Sunday, October 12, 2014

Metamorphosis Alpha Kickstarter Loot


In my mail box I spy Cthulhu stamped package from Goodman Games. All good omens. Forgetting what it may be for I'm totally stoked to find a Warden Red Security bracelet in side.  Metamorphosis Alpha pin and custom MA themed dice.

All great quality. Two sparkly tranparenty (but still readable unlike many translucent dice) purple/blue, one swirly green, one swirly black all with MA logos. and Two nice yellow Radation Sign dice.

A Captain band would have been nice. Only five of those were produced! Security is one of the better looking bands. I like med red on white best. But who wants to save lives when they option to be the thuggish enforcer of authoritarianism. :)

Just noticed security emblem is all seeing eye.

The Metamorphosis Alpha Kickstarter.

Respect my Authoritah!

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