Thursday, January 17, 2019

OwlCon Feb 22-24, 2019

Almost every year I drive over to  Rice University in Houston for one of my favorite local area game conventions, Owl Con.  Reasonably priced, easy going, not crowded, but big enough to have interesting stuff.  Very well run by the University's RPG club, after doing it for more than three decades, they got their shit figured out. The campus is nice, plenty of inexpensive parking. Depending on your events, it can be a bit of walking back and forth. 

RPGs old, new and everything in between. Boardgames. A few miniatures. Several companies demoing new games.  Lots of open gaming. I don't remember any huge CCG events/tournaments but I'm sure there is some people doing that.

Games I'm playing in ...

Dragon of Whistmire Swamp

Dungeons & Dragons White Box

Deep in the land of Greyhawk, evil stirs in Whistmire Swamp. Rumors of cults whisper through nearby taverns while villagers go missing. Merchants who challenge roads through the swamp speak of strange magics. And many swear by sightings of dragons in the night sky. Who will delve into the swamp's ire, who will brave the dragons' breath?

Reflections in the Dark Mirror

Dungeons & Dragons Cyclopedia

Something is VERY wrong in Grenton - and only your group can see the change! The townsfolk are acting completely wrong, guards are everywhere, slavery has taken root, war with nearby Hillendale is imminent, and even the gods are not what they were yesterday. You must navigate the almost-familiar city, discover the dark power that has twisted Grenton, and find a way to counter it, before it's too late! A low-level D&D adventure - all you need are dice and your imagination.

The House of Secrets

RuneQuest Fantasy Earth: 1001 Nights

Fleeing for their lives, the characters climb into the mountains to evade their pursuers. There they find a villa, a surprising bit of civilization in the wild mountains. It offers safety, but it is also cloaked in mystery. They might rest there, but can they ever leave?

the dog can't wait to go!

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