Saturday, December 28, 2019

Gallery of Dragon Magazine Covers

I have fond memories of running home from school to check the mail box for the brown paper sleeve that meant another Dragon Magazine had arrived.  Ordering and having the magazine addressed to me, was the first / most "adult" thing I can remember. I had paid for it myself, filled out subscription card and magically, every month, this thing appeared. Full of art and stories and adventures and Giants of the Earth, Ares sci-fi section, Wormy, Gods of Oerth, and those totally rad dragon chess covers!

I can still remember articles, "Even Orcish is Logical", "All Games Need Names", one about the mass of giants and how their bones wouldn't be able to support their own weight. Adventures "Can Seapoint be Saved", "Forest of Doom".

Here is the Gallery of Dragon Magazine Covers #1 to #250 from my CD collection of Dragon Magazines.


  1. Nooice.
    Some of those covers will live in my memory forever.

  2. very cool! Have you considered doing the same for the Dungeon magazine? I ended up using that one much more than the Dragon one...

    1. I'm missing a few bug


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