Sunday, March 1, 2020

Owl Con 2020 Recap

Got back to Owl Con this year.  A great con at Rice Univ in Houston Texas. I ran a B/X session of Caves of Chaos. I had a blast, the full table of eight players had a blast. My friend ran Tegal Manor using OD&D and my other friend (I do have more than two) had an exhibitor booth hawking Scribes of Sparn wares. Mostly Planet Eris Gazetteer, map and modules. Being the shared campaign world several Austin OSR games run in.

He also did a much better job at taking photos and blogging about con than I ever will. So, I'll just direct you to his coverage on The Contemptible Cube of Quazar starting with this post OwlCon Live Blog Day One.  Half dozen or more posts after than one.  Be sure to look for "Professor" Norm and the serendipitous behind the screen photo of the DM's map!

Sadly I got sick and went home late Sat night. Looking fwd to Chupacabracon in May.


  1. I had a really great time. Not many games there I'd want to play (except yours), but there were plenty of willing players for my games. Way bigger than I expected. I may have to sign up to run more games next time.

    I was very disappointed with the lack of weekend caffeine and meal amenities though. That one snack table with 50cent items had to feed everyone at the convention since all the shops were closed.

    1. I wanted to play in a couple of Labyrinth Lord games. I hung around the game/guy who "stole" my spot out front of the dealer room. But he never even acknowledged my existence. Sad. When I ran my Caves of Chaos marathon there I recruited a dozen or more passer bys into the game. Exposing them to how fun hobby can be and showing we're not all cliquish troglodytes.

      Yep, it's a very DIY comestibles con.


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