Monday, October 18, 2010

October Gaming

One of Austin's local game groups usual meeting place a FLGS closed it's doors a couple months ago.  So, we've been playing at my house.  Yesterday's session was the first in my new (since move) "Game Room".   Here's some pics of our 1st/2nd AD&D action.  If you're in Austin, TX area and want to game (of anytype)  get in touch, I probably know where/who to go for that.

Frogs! Slimy, bulging eyed frogs. Love'm. Their watery lair was packed with loot.

Maybe I should have had everyone smile/look excited before pic, eh? :)

Teamwork! Thief goes onboard ship, everyone else stands as far away as is physically possible.

Our illustrious GM, actually everyone in that pic GMs now and then.
See that big ass grin, that's cause his frogs be chomping up our party:( 


  1. Looks like an awesome game room. :D

    So is this a spin-off of the Sunday group?

  2. way cool,
    you even have an original map of Greyhawk!
    Too bad, I live 75 miles away at Fort Hood.

    What is the bowl !!

  3. Great pics! I'll need to post some of my game room/office too! Used some of those plastic frogs on Thursday myself! :)

  4. So do you know anyone interested in playing space combat games? I'm in New Braunfels.


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