Thursday, October 21, 2010

So, what have I missed?

I took a long (multi-month) hiatus from blogging and reading the deluge of great material all the peeps in the blog roll to the right produce.  The choice between playing and reading/writing about playing is what separates "bloggers" from "gamers".  Me definitely in the gamer camp.  I've luckily been doing more gaming.  So the blogging suffers.

Not quit ready to jump back into the 2-6 hours / day reading I was doing before.  But, I'm curious what big things have I missed?  I just ordered FO! #9 and #10. Doesn't seem to be a newer than #4 Knockspell which I got.  Gamma World has been shat out by Hasbro.  Their use of Dungeon Majesty / Awesomist D&D video ever in selling the 4ed Red Box (esp commercials on almost got me to buy it, just barely made my save on that one.  [btw, does anyone know are the makers of that video getting any credit / compensation or did Hasbro just rip it off with a clause in their contest rules "we get to use your stuff anyway we like"?]

Anything interesting happen in commercial RPG world?

But, I'm more wanting to know what OSR/blogger stuff I've missed.  Seemed like every few months there'd be some colossal shitstorm over NOTHING.  Proly missed a couple of those, eh?  Proly better off for it.  Who are the up and coming bloggers, who's gone on "hiatus"?  Any new community projects of note?

So, what are the top posts of last few months I should check out?

I live in Texas, so the bars have chairs made of cow horns...
Replace that cow skin with some Dragon hide and it looks like a barbarian throne to me.  Or, perhaps a giant's chair made from Mastodon tusks.  Whatever, it should surely be irresistible to curious characters and thus deviously trapped.

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