Friday, October 15, 2010

Temple of Elemental Evil PC Game at GOG

[I've bought a few games from GOG, had no problems / recommend them.]

[UPDATE: I forget to mention the Circle of Eight forum/community that maintains patches and mods for this game.  The patches are necessary! See also]

Many people hated this game. They were wrong.  If you like turn based, party building, D&D and can get over the 3.5ness (btw it follows the 3.5 rules very well, in fact I learned 3.5 from this game) then ToEE is a game you should play.

suck on my Ice Storm bitches!

I've talked (ranted) about ToEE (PC game and original adventure) before and don't have time to "sell' it to you now.  Search this blog for toee or the internet for; njharman toee.  But, really for "$6, don't even hafto get up from your chair" you owe yourself to check it out.


  1. I will second this. With the most recent patch this is quite a good game. Some modders are even working on a version for Keep on the Borderlands!

  2. Oh yeah, I forget to mention the patches, updated post now. Thanks!

  3. I loved this game. Incredibly buggy, but such a good adaptation of the 3rd edition rules. Very low on plot, it's almost entirely dungeoneering.


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