Thursday, October 14, 2010

Worldwide D&D Day: Gamma World

[Announcement from my FLGS's newsletter... I'm excited but fear the worst.]

Grab a friend and get ready to celebrate the launch of the new D&D Gamma World Boxed Set. Mutate a brave new hero and be ready to take on just about anything! Experience the return of an old classic in a new play experience using the D&D 4th Edition rules engine! The D&D Gamma World game is a fast, furious romp through a post-apocalyptic Earth where mutant heroes face-off against killer robots, alien weirdness, and strange irradiated creatures.

Gamma World Game Day: Trouble in Freesboro

It’s shocking how the Big Mistake completely obliterated some places while others got by relatively unscathed. Freesboro falls into the latter camp, but if Genghis Tangh has his way, life will never be the same for the mutants of Gamma Terra. Delve into the origins of the Big Mistake as you take on Tangh and his forces! Pick up a D&D Gamma World Boxed Set, a few booster packs of power cards, and create your own characters in an exciting new Game Day experience! A D&D Gamma World Game Day adventure designed for 4-6 characters of 1st level.

An exclusive 4-hour adventure called Trouble in Freesboro, written by Robert Schwalb, includes an online feature to the game that if accessed during game play can provide the players with a valuable clue. Players purchase 2 D&D Gamma World booster packs and create their own characters when they arrive at a participating location to play. DMs are required to have a copy of the D&D Gamma World Boxed Set and the adventure materials, available prior to the event day in the game day kit, to prepare to run their game. In addition to a poster map and the adventure, the game day kit also contains 2 different D&D Gamma World cards, available nowhere else, and awarded to players and DMs just for participating!

Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy® Austin

WHEN: October 23, 2010 REGISTRATION: Register Here!
  • Session I: 1:00 PM
  • Session II: 6:00 PM


  1. Players purchase 2 D&D Gamma World booster packs and create their own characters when they arrive at a participating location to play.

    pay to play...? classy...

  2. Yeah...just make sure you bring your own dice...the $40 box set doesn't come with any!

    Stupid stupid stupid...

  3. Yeah, I got one of these emails yesterday from my FLGS as well. This looks to be the new business model. Does anyone know if this is similar to Magic the Gathering kick-off events? (I'm not a CCG player.) I wonder if this is an attempt to launch GW using a similar event.

  4. Why can't I just pick my mutations....instead of having to buy booster packs?

    What a load. I hope this fails miserably.

  5. And exclusive promo cards, too. Great. Just great. :(

    Ed Green

  6. I've been warning people about the pay to play game day for over a month now but the WotC fanbois told me I was crazy even though I saw it in the requirements when I registered to run a GW game day. I'll bet you that the next GD will require players to purchase the upcoming fate cards....

  7. Gamma World, as resilient as it is, just doesn't deserve to be abused like this.

  8. My shop is just eating the cost of the boosters for the players. It's a one time thing. I can't pass that cost of onto players as a GameDay event. Not fair.


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