Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Picked my pre-order up from FLGS over lunch.  I'm orgasmic with excitement.   My hand was shaking.  It's the art, esp Mullen's.  Totally twiddles my "That's so effing awesome" neurons.  Yes, some part of it is nostalgia.  But, more is it's the kind of adventures I want to have.  With dudes wearing candycane bellbottoms and curly cue armor fighting tenticalonstrocities and big brained floating aliens.  Unique and weird is were it's at.

Anyone in Austin, TX area wanna play this weekend?


  1. The DCCRPG rulebook is like going through the original DMG but with more pictures. I doubt I will ever use it as is but I plan to steal from it extensively for my own AD&D campaign.

  2. The DMG but more pictures? I'm sold!

  3. I have to say I am interested in your views on the material... DCC seems quite interesting, but what sets it apart beyond the oddity factor? Just shoot me a line over at The Good Gaming Blog or respond because I am currently on the fence on DCC vs C&C for my next 'old school' gaming experience.



  4. Yeah, I'm writing up my opinions(lots of those) for a post 10am CST tomorrow Friday.

    The more I read, the more I'm wanting to run it in totality, rather than pilfer from it.

    I don't believe DCC RPG is same type of book as DMG. It's less of a reference and more of a tightly wrought game. They both have their uses.

    Matthew Finch's The Tome of Adventure Design is the new DMG as far as I'm concerned.


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