Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Went to Buy Some DCC RPG Dice

And ended up with a bit more.

Probably didn't need the latest edition of Starmada as I have two of previous versions.  But, it is my favorite space combat game and only $16. Which seems very reasonable.  Fast to play, even with big fleets, and tons of dice rolling.  Hence the pack of purple d6 at $5.50.

Coolest Fudge dice I've seen, way too expensive at $10.  Esp. considering I still have half the tons of 16 Fudge dice sets to give away at cons back when I ran Fudge Games.

FLGS only had these clear "DCC RPG" dice set.  Clear dice are one of the stupidest things.  It's much more important to be able to see under the die than to read what you rolled!  But, I'm more stupiderest cause I still bought them at the lofty price of $27.

And, something I really shouldn't have got as I own the original.  But, it was so very pretty and the contender Island of the Unknown failed to impress at all with quick flip through  (well it was also pretty, the content was total meh, a mishmash of unrelated weirdness without plan or reason.  I can do at least that much with random generation.)  $44 and the loftp edition of Carcosa is mine!

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