Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Links O' Maps

Oh giditty git, I loves me some maps. "Atlas" was my favorite book type as a kid. They were bigger than any other book in our house and smelled musty and old(from disuse my elder siblings weren't quit the nerd I am). The textures, the smells set my imagination leaping. Inside was filled with strange drawings, exotic names and fantasies yet to be dreamed. I was manifestly disappointed to find out the "Viking World Atlas" had nothing to do with axe wielding warriors in longships.

Antique maps are very awesome. Simply as works of art they kick ass. But it don't end there. This one of Iceland could be used straight up as a campaign map or player handout.

What's at the poles of your world? Perhaps this? The unknown lands far west across the endless sea. Black and white style map of Africa circa 1540.

Ancient map of Fairyland, a perspective drawing/map chock full of flavor. Perfect place for the other side of that magic mirror. That interface needs one more level of zoom though.

Hexmapper Haven cause old-school is the cool school. Oh, I so wish rpgmanager hexmapper program v2 would get completed/released. I offer up my first born, second born, all the fruits of my loins. Sorry, I'm keeping my dog.

Many tactical maps, more, similar that are gridded with 1" squares for use with miniatures.

These are also perfect for use with virtual desktop software for gaming online. Such as the most excellent MapTool.

Maps of Hyboria for all your savage barbaric needs.

Need a bit of terrain? Ever wonder what a map of the area you live would look like? Check out US Topo maps. I based my first campaign on topo maps of Norway.

Totally rad map of natural cave formations and the processes that form them. In fact it's so rad I'm embedding it below. Just one of the rockin results of searching the Google for Lechuguilla Cave Map. A huge cave complex that has been extensively mapped. You can buy a physical map of the similar Jewel Cave.

There's no more awesomer ending than that to this installment of the semi-thematic link blog series posted every Wednesday.

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