Thursday, January 1, 2009

Seven Days, Seven Blades of Luck - Loki's Luck

The sax, Loki's Luck, is strongly magical. This is obvious even without special skill or arcane detection. Mystical runes, symbols of good luck and fortune, pulsate orange and yellow along the back of its blade. Forged from an unknown iridescent metal that's been folded and hammered hundreds of times. It has no cross-guard and lacking any pommel it would seem to easily slip out of one's grasp.

[Original FUDGE rules] Once per attack roll the wielder may flip a -1 to +1. If a natural +4 is ever rolled with this weapon convert it to a -4. After the -4 results are applied the sword vanishes with a audible chuckle. Only to reappear in some treasure trove awaiting its next victim.

Another one that is hard to convert from the flexible dF roll. Having Loki convert your natural 20 into a natural 1 before laughing at you and taking his sax back sounds about right. Although, dF +4 has only a 1.235% chance and the 20 has 5%. So, maybe secretly roll a d4 and the player only suffers Loki's notice on a 1. That sounds better than taking away their "critical" every time.

The convert dF -1 to dF +1 mechanic is much harder. There's only one die rolled in d20, and it's not a bell curve. And changing either of those is radicaly changing d20 mechanics. Maybe something like if weilder rolls between 5-10 they can roll a d10 and add that to result. Too complex but I can't think of anything else. Other than give up and play FUDGE :)

[From the series Seven Blades of Luck and examples of Magic Items Should be Magical. All seven blades were once part of an article I submitted to Fudge Factor a sadly defunct e-zine for FUDGE.]

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