Monday, August 15, 2011

Modules I Want to Run Before I Roll my Last d20

Got the idea for this list from John Four of

Limiting this to published D&Dish modules of the non- darksun/dragonlance/spelljammer/hollowworld/etc  variety.  In a not too particular order:

  • B2 Caves of Chaos [done many times to great success]
  • T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil [doing this right now, haven't got to the temple yet though]
  • G1-3 Against the Giants [having looked over this (and decided to start T1-4 instead I'd rather do a Against the Giants flavored adventure(s) of my own creation.  It just seems a little too "archaic"/bad old school, I don't like Q1, and not supper excited bout D1-2 at least as follow on's to G1-3.  Drow bore me.]
  • S3 [oh hell yes]
  • Caverns of Thracia [old Judges Guild or new Necromancer's]
  • Tengel Mannor [old Judges Guild]
  • Hellpits of Nightfang [old Judges Guild]
  • EX1 EX2 Dungeoland [these fascinated me when I first got them as a kid]
  • UK2 Sentinel & UK3 Guantlet [ran parts of 1st one in larger campaign (players did not pick up glove and campaign went different direction)]
  • I3-5 Desert Desolation [never looked at it, heard it was good]
  • U1,U2,U3  [I did run sinister secret when young, vaguely want to do the series now that I actually know something about DMing]
  • X1 Isle of Dread
  • X2 Castle Amber
  • JG1 Thieves of Fortress Badbbaskor [Goodman's]
  • JG2 Citadel of Fire  [Goodman's]
  • JG3 Dark Tower  [Goodman's]
  • Ptolus [or Freeport, or Vornheim] some mega city.
  • Stonehell Megadungeon
  • Bottle City
  • The Keep [Role Aides Fantasy vs Nazis!]
  • City of Brass [I don't think any published ones can (or do) live up to what DMG cover made me imagine.  So I'll proly have to roll my own...]
  • Gygax's Necropolis
  • The "mega" dungeon from Fight On!  
  • Anything from Gabor Lux's Fomalaut!  
  • Butt loads of 1page dungeons

Special mention:  OA, Oriental Adventures some or all (haven't looked at more than a couple (mad monkey and haunted castle one)

I know almost nothing about the AD&D H, I, R, and parts of the UK series not mentioned above.  Nor about D&D B, X series beyond the B2 & X1 that came with my boxsets back in the day.  Any recommendations of must play modules from them?


  1. Great list. There are some I would add and some I would skip from your list but then everyone's list should vary some. Good luck in getting them all run.

  2. Quite awesome! I hope the last d20 is nowhere near. No, really, I do. Good luck with the list! :)

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