Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Detroit - Great Postapocalyptic Inspiration

Modern Detroit is an abandoned, deteriorating wasteland.  Perfect inspiration for Mutant future.

Many more pics at


  1. It seems utterly ridiculous to have empty homes and people who are homeless. I know there are a myriad of important reasons why, but it still FEELS wrong in my gut.

  2. Thinking carefully on it now, it also FEELS like a perfect setting for a modern day Cthulu game...

  3. I lived there for seven, almost eight years before moving back to Texas.

    There is a small group of people who have made ruin exploration a hobby, (see the site the Fabulous Ruins of Detroit) that I fell in with for a time. Seen face to face they are even more incredible and sad. Definitely inspiration for the romance of ruins.

    BTW any chance we can get you, Norm, to come down and run a game at the Mini-Con?

  4. Years back there was an old mill complex across he river from my college that had trees growing on it's roof as it had been abandoned so long.
    One day it caught fire and 2 or 3 years later it was renovated into expensive condos.

    I checked the site and someone is mowing those lawns once or twice a year, I can tell becasue it looks like my back yard ;-)


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