Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Couple weeks ago my OSRIC Temple of Elemental Evil campaign ended in partial defeat for to forces of "Rather not get turned into a fungoid slave of the demoness Zuggamonty, thank you very much".  [The party could have continued But, 1) DM was a bit burned out on the complexities, fiddly bits, and inconsistencies of AD&D, 2) DM plays hard and gives the players the story they create. In this case it would be one of disease, melting body parts, and being outmatched by a 80% freed demon queen.]

All is not lost, I now, yay,  have time to (re)start Gold and Glory campaign, using Swords and Wizardry.

Here's the blurb:

Gold & Glory Science Fantasy Meetup

Seek plunder and fame under the broken moon of a fantastic world where the demons cower from elder, unfathomable things from out of space. Where just beyond the horizon mutants and robot worshiping orcmen wield the fire lances of the ancients. Where the grey "Valkyrie" riding circular, silver sky-chariots transport the most glorious warriors to "Valhalla". Where Morlocs brandishing black powder boom sticks are a playable class.

In other words an almost anything goes post-apocalyptic, fantasy, cthulhu romp 'round the sandbox of our imaginations.

Swords & Wizardry and this campaign make it easy for players to come and go, join in the middle, etc. Rules are simple and characters are quick to roll up. New players welcome. The rules are free to download. All you need are dice (and you can borrow some of those until you get your own).

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