Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Arcane Duels

These rules are part of Gold and Glory's Player's Hand Book and are inspired by JG "Field Guide to Encounters, Vol 1", pg11.  I have yet to play test these, 1st lvl characters are reluctant to engage their betters in mental fisticuffs.

Arcane casters such as Magi, Wizards, and Seers may challenge each other to Duels of Arcane Mastery also known as Manitou Combat. These are mechanics you are required to flavor them up to suit your campaign and/or character.

It Begins

Eye to eye contact is required to initiate a duel which may be avoided with successful Save. This does not inhibit blind duelists who make use of their mind's eye.

Duels are resolved in an arena of the minds. Participants are oblivious to the world around them. Mental spells or effects such as telepathy, ESP, charm, sleep will not work on them. Although their bodies aren't particularly protected from harm.

Brain Brawl

Duels are fought in a series of segments. Three of which occur for every "physical world" round at end of each Combat, Movement, and Action phases(or whatever works for you).  Each duelist starts with mojo equal to their level. At the start of any segment duelists may burn a spell and gain (spell level) mojo.

Each segment each duelist rolls Xd6, X is any number up to caster's level. But, beware rolling doubles, which tend towards being bad. Everyone losses mojo equal to (their roll - highest roll). If two or more are tied for highest they each loose on mojo.

There Can Be Only One!

A duelist reduced to zero mojo also loses. Losers' regain conscious physically drained from their defeat (current Hit Points are reduced by half and they are Stunned for d4 rounds). The last remaining duelist wins! Their mind returns to their body invigorated from victory. They may act normally the next phase.

Extra Secret Results of Rolling Multiples from Referee's Screen

Doubles                      Triples
============================ =================================
1 Blamo!, lose duel          Pop! Head explodes, lose life
2 roll on Minor Chaos Table  roll on Heinous Blunders Table
  (google for it)              (google for it)
3 Psychically Stunned        Psychically Scarred, 
  for 3 segments               forget d6 memorized spells
4 Ow, -d6 HP                 Ow!, -d6 HP
5 Sloppy, loose 1 mojo       Mana Leaking Everywhere, loose d6 mojo
6 Well played, steal 1 mojo  Well Played, steal d6 mojo from opnt

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