Sunday, October 28, 2012

Short RPG Descriptions

Everything needs to be short. I don't have time for long, I don't have patience, attention span, or memory for long.

Short is excellent.

This collection of 4-5 sentence short descriptions of many, many, many RPGs is excellent. One of Zak's several great ideas.  Linking mostly so I can find it again.

For fun, entry for my current setting.

Gold and Glory a retro science fantasy fantasy heartbreaker based on Swords and Wizardry. Featuring too many classes, multiple magic systems, and numerous house-rules from OSR blogs and publications. Setting is as gamer ADD as the rules; Sword and Sorcery, and Planet, and Sandal and Lovecraftian, and Post-apocalyptic. Players seek plunder and fame under the broken moon of a fantastic world. Where demons cower from elder, unfathomable things from out of space, beyond the horizon robot worshiping mutant orcmen wield the fire lances of the ancients. Where The Grey "Valkyrie" transport heroes to "Valhalla" in their circular, metal sky-chariots

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