Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dwarven Forge Game Tiles

Sorry for the light posting this year.  Been busy running my Gold and Glory campaign (1.5 times a week using Swords and Wizardry) or playing (1/week Pathfinder Pirates).  Playing games trumps blogging about them ;)  I mostly post to spread awareness of the occasional Kickstarter or announcement.

I've always been interested in Dwarven Forge (or similar) but two things that have kept me away have been solved by this Kickstarter.  Price and fragility/portability.  Still not "cheap", but for the price of modern board game or couple RPG books you get a usable amount of tiles.  They're made of "dungeon grey" hard, dense PVC that is strong (video shows it being hit with hammer).

My only remaining trepidation is set up time.  Which is inherent with any sort of tiles or even using wet erase mat.  Dwarven Forge Game Tiles would not be for every game but would really enhance the games it's suited for. Such as miniature focused games.  So, I'm backing

Reminds a bit of the Reaper Bones miniature Kickstarter (a huge success / value for backers).  In that the per unit cost can be brought way down with larger upfront capital (in equipment/process and large "print" runs).  But that upfront is extremely risky, esp for smaller niche companies. Manufacturers risk making too much, too little, or something that's not all that popular among customers.  Kickstarter is near perfect solution to this.  Get the capital upfront and gauge demand, reward early adopters, get more game stuff into more peoples hands.

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