Monday, April 15, 2013

NTRPG Convention Lineup

Well, last night at midnight was the mad rush of game sign up for this year's NTRPGCON.  Was fast and smooth and I got into everything I hoped for. Which included several games/referees I missed out on last year.  I'm getting excited.  Six more  weeks and then...

Four day Nerdtravaganza!

Thurs p.m. -  Steven Winter's "Where's My Water?" Gamma World
The river disappeared! It was here yesterday, and now, it's gone! From his HQ in the wondrous Radium-Powered Lab, Professor Monkey wants to know what happened to his river. As his #1 Fetch-it Squad, your job is bringing back answers. And the water. Don't forget the water!

Fri a.m. - Skeeter Green's "Rappan Athuk, level 15!" Swords & Wizardry
You've heard about the Big Fight with Orcus in Rappan Athuk, now you can be in it! No one has ever reached Level 15 in regular play, so we'll take 15 minutes to roll up 18th level characters, and slug it out with the Big Bad Guy. Professionally painted foes courtesy of Center Stage Miniatures wait to meet you in combat!

Fri p.m. - Jimm Johnson's "Outdoor Survival Hex Crawl" OD&D
This game is for anyone who ever wondered about wilderness adventuring according to the original 1974 D&D rules. Navigate the OUTDOOR SURVIVAL map, gain wealth and treasure, avoid being killed by men and monsters, or dying by thirst and starvation. Recruit an army to push back the humanoid hordes, or challenge a local lord to a joust. But be careful approaching a wizard's castle-- he might compel you to perform a dangerous quest for him.

Sat all day! - Erol Otus' "Island Town Expedition" AD&D 1e
Island Town's Expedition continues deeper into vast uncharted waters. After surviving the Limerickers, Undersucker, and Hell Shadow Rays, the mariners came upon the Idyllic Isle of the Elder Dragonne. Careful parley and giant shellfish harvesting allowed them to depart in the mighty creature's good graces. Now refreshed and confident, they are ready.

Sun a.m - David Cook's "Journey of the Search for the Lost Castle of the Savage Isle of Horror on the Borderlands" D&D B/X
Remember that thing your hero did? At the castle? On the island? With the tomb? And the secret society? Yeah -- that thing. Well this is kind of like that, as fate draws you back to the places of your adventuring youth. Be ready to hack and slash your way through the consequences of your youthful mistakes as you try to set things right, save the world (sort of), and discover that big pile o' gold that's always promised but never found.

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