Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wand of Awesome

The Wand of Awesome looks totally rad (way more rad than the image I googled in 30seconds and in egregious violation of someones copyright, posted above). Every wizard covets it. Anyone who has it, desperately craves to use it (even non casters, which it works for, that's just how awesome it is!).  In the dungeon, while visiting his lordship "The frequently Not Amused" Baron of Bogomips, on a hill, in their underpants, everywhere and anywhere.  All times are the best time to use the Wand of Awesome.

When used, roll the mini spur d4, d6, d12, d20.  d12 determines the particular spell, d4 the spell level, and d6 the spell college from G&G Grimoire of the effect that occurs, adjudicated as necessary using d20 to  interpret the Awesomistiy of any result requiring such interpretation.

Adjust as needed to fit your rule set and / or whimsy.

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