Monday, August 4, 2014

Classic 5ed - Dwarves

Classic 5ed in style of 70's and 80's D&D. Gritty, dark, "swords and sorcery", when elves were fighter/wizards and dwarves didn't dabble in the dark arts. A few changes and restrictions to 5th Edition Basic Rules to instill a particular flavor and style on the game I run. Demonstration of how easy it is to and encouraging others to make 5ed their own.

Classes and multi-classing are limited by race. Standard Ability requirements (15+ in Ability) for multi-classing remain. Humans, Dwarves Elves, Halflings and 1/2 Orcs are playable races. Fighters, Clerics, Wizards, Rogues with Rangers and Druids for Wood Elves only after PHB is released.

Basic D&D 5th Edition PDF

Mountain Dwarves

Dwarves are insular, secretive, and paranoid.  They distrust everyone, strongly dislike elves, loath beast races (orcs, goblins, etc.)

Only Cleric, Fighter, Rogue or Fighter/Rogue multi-class (must alternate levels).

 - Disadvantage on Charisma checks with non-dwarves.
 - May not cast spells which require a willing target on nor use the Help action to aid Elves or any beast race.
 - May not be a willing target of any Wizard Spell.
 - Advantage on saving throws against wizardly magic and resistance against magical damage.
 - Advantage on saving throws against poison and resistance against poison damage.
 - Stonecunning proficiency and advantage on history stonework, detect slopes, stone traps, depth underground and the like.
 - Automatically pass literacy checks with Dwarvish and Common.
 - Darkvision
 - Proficiency with Light and Medium Armor
 - Proficiency with battleaxe, handaxe, light hammer, warhammer
 - Pick one tool proficiency: smiths, brewers, or mason
 - +2 Con
 - +1 Wis or +1 Str
 - +1 hit point per level

No Hill Dwarves. [wisdom bonus meant every dwarf cleric would be a hill dwarve, which just annoyed me.]

Starting Equipment

  • (a) Chain mail or (b) Ring mail or (c) Studded Leather
  • (a) Battleaxe or (b) Warhammer
  • (a) Lt Crossbow and 20 bolts or (b) 2 hand axes and shield
  • Pick two; Holy Symbol, Thieves' Tools, Caltrops, Climber's kit, Crowbar, Grappling hook, Miner's Pick, Shovel, Steel Mirror, Sledge Hammer, Cask of Ale
  • backpack, bedroll, mess kit, hammer, 10 pitons, tinderbox, 10 days of rations, waterskin, 50 feet hemp rope.

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