Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Dangers of Gamerdom

Obsessiveness, Ebay, and collectible card games are a combo with some bad mojo.

Hmmmm, Zante Indian Pizza. Damn, I'm really missing San Francisco right now.

Games can draw you in and blind you to the wider world piling up around you. This is a tiny office in the historic Hobart Building situated in downtown SF which a friend (that's his 'puters and double deckered desk on the left) shared and I lived out of. Slept on the floor half under the desk I'm sitting at. I'm probably playing a computer game, maybe Evercrack.

Man, hard to believe I looked that young once.


  1. Dang! You were living the geek dream full throttle and balls-to-the-wall there Norm'. ;)

    And are those *squint* diskettes I see next to the teetering Magicrack deck?

  2. Yeah, 3.5" photos are d4+8 years old. I still have Tie Fighter on 3.5 somewhere that's what that joystick is for btw.

    Those actually aren't MTG cards. Some space game loosely based on the "battle computer races" from the alternative history Star Trek of Star Fleet Battles. They were selling $5-25 for a case of booster boxes on eBay. I think I still have some unopened boosters...

    Geek Dreams end with you 39 years old, at about zero networth, and wondering.


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