Thursday, July 2, 2009

BuffyPunk - Birthday Party

BuffyPunk Campaign I developed for BtVS RPG. These are from my prep notes of a one shot I ran in 2004. It was a horrible railroad and some of my worst DMing but mostly fun.

The players Gunderson, Mannie, Miakoda, Celestine

Anonymous Gift:

Bicycle messenger pedals up "Package for Miss Wendy." "Ooh that's me. More presents, more presents" She grabs it Delgado signs for it. "Where's it from?" "Dude, dispatcher tells me to deliver package, I deliver it. Where it go is all the fo I need to know. btw nice hat, scho long!" messenger races off. Meanwhile Wendy has ripped off the outer packaging to reveal a 10cm metal and plastic cube with a big red button up front. Delgao, "Um, we have a look before we touch?" But Wendy has already pushed the button with both tiny thumbs and a giggle. A small hologram of a fool with floppy hat checkered cloths and shoes that end with bells. It dances a little jig and sings this tune.
There once was a slayer so tiny.
No one believed she could be so whiny.
When eleven years young
Old man's trap was sprung
And her blood was so red and shiny
Enough rules and intro let's fight! Everyone Roll Dexterity+Perception tell me your success levels.

Apparently there was a rockin battle next as my notes list "Gunder gets Chaingun" under aftermath. Also more tremors (building up some tension with this earthquake thing I guess.) And here are some quotes I wrote down for NPCs to use during the fight

"You, you meanie! My party is ruined. I'm gonna ruin your face"

"Now now, little slayer child don't hasten to your demise"

"Ooh, I'll hasten whence I please. Were are you?"

"Ah, tis not time for your last whine. The iron tongue of midnight hath not yet told twelve"

"I suggest we continue this party in a private residence"

A variety of stimulants are needed for extended gaming session.

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