Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dave Arneson Tribute

Instead of blogging I've been playing ToEE, StoneSoup, and now 10day free trial of DDO in anticipation of it going freemium.

I found the following "old-school" tribute in an MMORPG. My point being too many people believe in some magical cutoff point between old-school/new-school, PnP/Online, grognards/generation y'rs. There's not. It's a continious spectrum with pit falls and pleasures at all points. Ignore the past/ignore the future, either or both are sins of ignorance.

Dave Arneson Tribute

A tribute to Dave Arneson has been placed in the Ruins of Threnal NPC area, as this dungeon series was narrated by him. A new item, the Mantle of the Worldshaper, drops at the end of the Threnal series.

  • Mantle of the Worldshaper Item: A comforting and inspiring presence surrounds you as you hold this cloak. Arcane runes run along the edges of this fine cape, and masterfully drawn on the silken lining is an incredibly detailed map of a place named 'Blackmoor'.
    • Gives 5% boost to XP (does not stack with Voice of the Master)
    • Set Bonus with Voice of the Master: True Seeing persistent buff

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