Monday, June 13, 2011

Starting OSRIC(AD&D) T1-4 in Austin, TX

Play one of the classics T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil. OSRIC (same as AD&D but currently available in PDF or printed). Raise your characters from lvl 1 schmucks to heroes who can take on and defeat a demi-god! Experienced and new players alike are welcome.

Bonus: By popular demand, campaign will include Caves of Chaos action.

Inaugural session Sunday June 19th 11:00am at DM's, Norm's, house in south Austin (near Mopac and William Cannon). email for info directions. Possibly moving to King's Hobby* for future sessions. Probably 1or2/mo depending on groups availability desire.

*Went by Kings Hobby other day and they mentioned having space for and desire for people to run games.  Which is awesome.  And great news as there's was a dearth of decent public game space in Austin.


  1. King's Hobby was THE place where it all started for me as a lad. Have fun!

  2. Wow! Good luck man! T1-4 is a beast...I've never managed to DM it past Nulb; the Temple itself is a bit overwhelming!

  3. @ckutalik wow then KH is like sacred ground? I shall sacrifice many characters in your honor ;)

    @JB naw it'll be easy, esp since I jammed Caves of Chaos on the front and have to munge things around so players who think they know it, won't.


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